Whats coming? Sneak Peek?

In this blog I will Post weekly

Monday: Travel Advice

Tuesday: Travel experience

Wednesday: Song Playlist to add on your road trip

Thursday: Motivational Quotes

Friday: highly recommend places to go

Saturday: Road trip to nowhere

Sunday: Best places to go (Polls) you get to vote!

As you can tell, I will be featuring a lot things on my weekly post. I want my travel readers (You) to get involved in my blogs and interact with one another. Specially Sunday, when you get to vote to see some of the best places in the world.  Stay connected, I will post everyday =)


Since today is Friday, I will be recommending a place to go.

I highly recommend the jewel cave in South Dakota, It is the third longest cave in the world. There is  so many things to learn from and the tour guides are very friendly and will educate you very well about its History. ts about 180 miles long and the tour takes about an hour. Don’t forget, You’re deep underground so you wont get any connections. Its a beauty to see and worth to take your family or friends to experience and see the third longest cave in the world. I highly recommend =)





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