To My Travel Readers

You see I’m all about adventure and fun. Growing up, I always wanted to travel the world or visit some of the famous land marks such as the golden bridge in San Francisco and the Statue of liberty in New York. In some cases, I just travel to some of the most famous destinations in the state. Now before you ask.. How? you’re young? there’s no way… The thing is, My family loves to go on vacation every year specially every summer, What I can I say? I’m pretty happy. Life is supposed to be going out there and exploring different places and making memories. There’s a saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” Its true, because when you look back, at that moment you know everything was perfect. Take pictures and make it memorable, sometimes it only comes around once so make sure you have a souvenir.

Now, I want you to be part of my adventure as readers. To experience an adventure of a lifetime and take you on a journey. As a travel reader, I want you all to see the beauty that the world has to offer specially with some of its finest destination and landmarks.

Above are just some of the couple places I been. The devils tower in Wyoming, Disney world/Orlando resort and ruby falls in Custer, South Dakota. pictures are taken by Me.


6 thoughts on “To My Travel Readers

  1. Great Post! i like how your post shows how fun your life is and you actually went travelling and used your own pictures you taken yourself i like it and i love the use of the quote, but do you just wish to travel to places in the united states or over seas?


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